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PanAm Oil/Ignition Shut-off Valve

PanAm Oil/Ignition Shut-off Valve

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  • Fitment: 1999 and older
  • Construction: polyamide / brass / stainless steel
  • Finish: black / yellow, chrome-plated
  • Dimensions: W x H x D: 31 x 42 x 45 mm
  • Origin: Europe

Pre-TwinCam engines have a spring loaded ball check valve to prevent the engine oil from seeping down to the crankcase. These check valves don’t last forever. If you try to start your engine after a lengthy period of inactivity (e.g. winter), the oil in the crank case gets forcefully ejected via the breather. Creating an ungodly mess on your garage floor.

Installing a manually operated valve in the oil feed line from tank to oil pump can prevent this, but carries the risk of forgetting to open it. Resulting in major engine trouble. And we mean major.

This here nifty PanAm shut off valve is also installed in the feed line. With a little difference: once closed, the ignition is cut out too. No inadvertently starting the engine with this baby.

The tough polyamide housing has several mounting holes which offer all sorts of possibilities to secure it to the frame or other convenient hard points.

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