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Cannonball StealthStarter SSK-R Kick Drive Electric Start Kit

Cannonball StealthStarter SSK-R Kick Drive Electric Start Kit

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  • Fitment: Big Twins
  • Construction: Steel/ Aluminum
  • Finish: Raw
  • Origin: Europe

Whether your knees just aren't what they used to be or that hot rod stroker motor is a bear to kick; the Cannonball StealthStarter system converts your classic kickstart-only motorcycle to electric start. Stop fighting with trying to get your bike started and just press a button and go ride.  

The Cannonball SSK electric start system bolts between kicker cover and transmission case without the loss of your factory kicker.  Plus your primary drive, primary housing and oil tank will stay untouched unlike other options; the overall appearance of your motorcycle will remain virtually unchanged. 

If you are riding an old bike the installation should be fairly easy and straightforward. The kit includes everything needed for the conversion except for the extended throwout bearing, battery, wires and starter button/switch.


The following modifications may be necessary:

  • 12v charging system
  • A stock 2-1 exhaust system will have to be routed slightly outward to compensate for the offset of the kicker cover.
  • A longer clutch release lever will be necessary on rod actuated configurations like Moustraps or Footclutch.
  • An extended throwout bearing must be ordered separately for your type of clutch pushrod since the stock pushrod will be 19 mm too short.
  • A longer brake crossover shaft will be necessary on all bikes using the original mechanical rear brake in conjunction with the original 2-1 or similar exhaust. A longer crossover shaft can be ordered separately if needed.
  • Original rear fenders need to be slightly dented for starter motor clearance. Alternatively, an aluminum “Dent” can be ordered separately. In this case the fender needs to be cut out to allow the “dent” to be mounted with the original lower fender mount bolt and the two oil tank/battery tray bolts.
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