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Bates Baja 100 Tire 4.00x19

Bates Baja 100 Tire 4.00x19

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  • Construction: rubber / steel
  • Placement: front or rear
  • Size: 4.00-19 71T
  • Style: tubeless
  • Rim min-max: 2.15 - 3.00
  • Certification: DOT approved, E4 approved
  • Origin: Germany

Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s an awesome tire knowing no fear. Whistle into town, come back home across the fields Steve McQueen style. Do some hooligan racing among friends on the neighborhood dirt track. Or what about that camping trip to that place where the road ends you’ve been postponing all those years? The Bates Baja tires can handle it.

Here’s a family of scrambler tires right on the tracks of the legendary Goodyear Grasshopper, capable of doing it all: ample grip on the road with a tread pattern that will get you out of the deepest ruts off the road.

The Bates tires Baja are the product of Bates’ long experience on diverse gravel, dirt and mud pistas, highways and Autobahns on several continents. For continuous quality control we use them on our daily riders.

We’re having this classic square section tire produced to the highest technical standards. The design matches perfectly most vintage, bobber and chopper style bikes. The available wheel sizes can be freely combined. Your next vintage scrambler project should be awesome.

It’ll give that extra twist to that off-the-wall vintage rigid project of yours, or use it to give a whole new attitude to your custom bobber or 70th style swingarm.

The tires are certified for speeds up to 190 kph

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